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You’ve probably heard of AI and Digital Transformation a lot more over the past 5 years. But we’re not just talking anymore.

We take things seriously.

Our Services

Website Design and Development

Websites, might be for your personal use or for your business has become a must now. Many people refer to websites before proceeding to interact with you or your business, and we are to help! We could design and develop your very own website without you breaking a sweat. You do not have to worry anymore; we will do it for you.

Mobile Design and Development

Technological advancement is not only all about Smart TVs, Smart Watches, or smartphones but also the development of applications in the comfort of your hands. We could help you design and develop mobile applications for you. With a simple hello to us, your dream will come to life.

AI and Smart Solutions

With us, your goal to integrate AI in your daily life will be possible. Our AI is precise, accurate, and fast. Not only will it provide you the smart solution you needed but also maximize the technology you did not know you wanted.

AR Experience

The AR Experience we provide is not only about Instagram Filters, Virtual Experience but also we provide a whole new different world for you.

The thing that motivates us the
most is our aim to provide the best
solutions to your problems.

Here are our projects


– Feel The Lightness

Kundera the algorithm is the future, an AI researcher that delivers high quality within minutes.

Available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

16 Seconds.

– You can change the world in 16 seconds.

16 Seconds is coming soon.

Stay updated by following 16 Seconds’ social media accounts.

– Welcome to the Future is coming soon.

About Us

We are always with you to make your project.

KF Solutions was born from a need to move beyond “digital transformation” and address the need for smart solutions to run businesses effectively. Our mission is to disrupt daily lives and provide solutions that will integrate AI in everyday operations. Thus, ensuring our clients and users get better services in a short amount of time with higher quality.

KF Solutions aims to develop smart solutions that won’t break the bank and develop an effective ecosystem to help you achieve your business objectives. Our team of experts believe in working efficiently to deliver fast and effective solutions that meet business requirements of the post coronavirus world. Let’s take the first step into the new normal with KF Solutions!

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Kundera in CampaignME

Kareem Farid in Arabian Business

Video: What solutions can artificial intelligence provide to businesses in the Middle East? – AB Live

Dubai ranked first globally in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) for AI and robotics, according to estimates by the Annual Investment Meeting 2019 (AIM). The city attracted US$21 billion worth of FDI in high-end technology transfers from 2015-2018.

From Kundera to Gulf News

From Kundera to Al Khaleej


“كونديرا” باحث وكاتب آلي ينطلق من #دبي#صحيفة_الخليج

Kundera in Entrepreneur

تحميل تطبيق “كونديرا” يتخطى حاجز 10 آلاف خلال 48 ساعة من إطلاقه

أعلنت شركة “كيه إف سولوشنز”، الشركة الحديثة التي اتخذت من دبي مقراً لها، عن إطلاق “كونديرا”، التطبيق المميز للهواتف الذكية والذي تم تطويره بالكامل في دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة، لتمكين الأفراد والأعمال من إجراء عمليات البحث وإتمام كتابة المقالات في دقائق مما يعزز إنتاجيتهم وكفاءتهم. وقد تم إطلاق تطبيق ومنصة الويب “كونديرا” رسميا اليوم باللغة…

From Kundera to Al Bayan

“كورونا” محفز للتوسع باستخدام تطبيقات الذكاء الاصطناعي

تواصل دول عدة إعادة إطلاق أنشطتها، وتلعب التكنولوجيا دوراً قوياً في دعم كل جانب من جوانب هذه الأنشطة. ويتبدى هذا جلياً في الحلول التي تتطلع لها الحكومات والشركات المختلفة، لتحقيق انتعاش اقتصادي بالتزامن مع رغبتها في الخروج من وطأة الوباء في أسرع وقت ممكن حتى تستمر بالنمو والازدهار.

Read and see how KF Solutions’ founder Kareem Farid discuss Artificial Intelligence and Business Solutions.

Kareem Farid at Sky News Arabia

Imagine if after 100 years in someone who found a paper printed with Whatsapp dialogue!

Kareem Farid, Sky News Arabia

Data Analytics: The Future and Beyond

Data Analytics: The Future and Beyond

By Mahima Magesh and Kareem Farid The drive to determine your audience and decode their needs is a rising requirement – and essential at that. With the onset of the digital age, that requirement has been translated into entirely different platforms.

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The future is here; Do you need a decoder?

KF Solutions at Sky News Arabia

Our founder, Kareem Farid, spoke about the advantages and disadvantages of family-based business with Sky News Arabia earlier this week.

KF Solutions is launched to change the technology landscape in Middle East

Kareem Farid posted on LinkedIn

In the article, a sneak peek of KF Solutions owned AI-based solutions and a lot more about what and why I’ve established this new tech company in DMCC …

Kareem Farid at Sky News Arabia about the future of e-Commerce

Our founder, Kareem Farid, spoke with Sky News Arabia about the future of e-Commerce and why we need to advance and act quickly to recover from the economic effects caused by COVID19.

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